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When I needed an English certification valid for the Spanish Public Administration and after checking the different options, I gave LanguageCert a try.

It has been a pleasant surprise. To take an exam never was painless!

LanguageCert enables a certification test whenever and wherever you want, without long planning or preparation. You need, you can. It is the first of its class fully adapted to modern necessities.

I had always run away from this kind of validation. I have an advanced conversational level and am proficient in working in this language, as I have done for many years. Hence, I never needed to pay the fees that grant a certificate.

Therefore, when a public administration asked me certain English level within a two weeks deadline and as much time to come back with the language proof, I had a problem!

Promptly, I checked the choices, although most of them, Official Language School, Cambridge exams, and British Council, wouldn´t offer an option within the limit date. Thus, my only alternative was LanguageCert, the most flexible one.

On the one hand, they offer a range of prices, between 140 – 200 €, depending on the exam. Moreover, you can test your writing, listening, reading, and speaking skills independently.

On the other hand, you can take the exam from home, which I recommend. It is as easy as downloading an application that blocks any other interaction with you or your PC besides the test to prevent information breaches and cheating.

Last but not least, after taking the exam, you have the results within three business days with a certificate valid for most Spanish Public Organizations I checked (anyhow, check it previously to avoid any unpleasant surprise).

Some things that are worth a mention:

  • First, you need a 360º camera to verify that you are alone in the room.
  • Second, the wired headphones must integrate the microphone audio to avoid other voices interacting through any other device (i.e.: PC microphone) during the speaking test.
  • Third, you will never feel alone. You have a fantastic assistant or proctor that facilitates the whole process.

In conclusion, if you require an English certificate urgently, LanguageCert is worth considering.